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In the digital environment of today, regardless of whether it is a commercial setting or a domestic one, the world is ruled by Computers, Internet and various other activities that help in sustaining an online scenario. With usage of computers and Internet as well as interest levels in them at its peak, it is natural that there be a blog site that can unravel the mysteries behind these issues for the benefit of the common person. That is what we and our team of expert bloggers at have as our goals and objectives.

If you search the Internet, you will find hundreds of sites that cater to this segment. Then, what is it that makes us stand out from others in our niche? A snap shot of our site will help explain things better.

Our site as a visitor can see is not divided into categories. This is because we believe that all components of our site – Computers/Data Formats/Internet/Web Design and Development – are closely linked to each other. There cannot be the Internet without computers and web design and development without the Internet. Hence, all our blogs take an overall and comprehensive view of the topics we cover on our site.

However, we also make an in-depth analysis and incisive research on individual topics that are of interest to the common person. Take the case of web design and development. This alone is huge in scope and scale and hence we focus on its various aspects. For example you will get blogs on the differences between web design and development which people in general tend to club together. We also have blogs that establish the many intricacies of these two functions and how an optimally created website is very important for online digital marketing campaigns.

Apart from these specific angles on our website, we also have blogs of generic interests. We bring news, information, updates and even trivia from around the world relating to our genre along with latest technological innovations and improvements in areas that we cover.

Another unique aspect of is the interactive approach that we have adopted with readers and visitors to our site. We invite dedicated bloggers to submit write-ups in their fields of expertise that is relevant to our niche. Blogs should be original and unique and yet unpublished ones.

We inform contributors by email once the blogs are posted on our site.